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Hong Kong Bandit's Post

Dear Friends,

I continue the series of short stories that lies behind the photographs. Today I am going to tell you the legend related to one of the most popular and beautiful places in Hong Kong – Stanley Peninsula.



Hong Kong people are still calling this place ‘Chak Chue’ that is literally meaning Bandit’s Post. Here, at the turn of XIX Century, most prominent pirate Cheung Po Tsai was ruled whole Canton seashore.

Cheung lived a simple life as a poor fisherman's son, in southern China district, Xinhui of Jiangmen. At the age of 15, he was kidnapped by Cheng Yat, a pirate who operated along the Chinese coast during the 18th century.
Soon after Cheng Yat captured him, Cheung Po Tsai became his favorite subordinate. Cheung found himself in pirate life and enjoyed in his new duty. As the most charismatic and ambitious recruit, he quickly rose through ranks. Soon after, he was even adopted by his captain and his wife Ching Shih.

After Cheng Yat accidental death in storm, Ching Shih, now known as "Widow Ching” maneuvered her way into his leadership position of her husband’s fleet and Cheung became her right-hand man. They had a love affair and soon after they married. Cheung Po later completely took over the pirating business from his wife.

Cheung Po Tsai harassed Guangdong coastal area, during the Qing Dynasty. His pirates were well disciplined, shared booty equally and were not allowed to injure or kill women. At the height of his power, Cheung’s fleet counted an army of 20,000 men and several hundred ships.

In 1810, after a big downfall of his pirate army, Cheung Po surrendered to the Qing Government and became an official, a captain in the Qing imperial navy responsible for eradicating piracy. He spent the rest of his life enjoying comfortable administrative positions.

Nowadays Stanley peninsula have nothing related to the ‘Bandit’s Post’. It is renowned tourist spot with souvenir market and good restaurants along the shore. There are only three historical landmarks remain - Murray House, Blake’s Pier and Tin Hau Temple. Murray House is a Victorian-era building originally built in the present-day business district of Central in 1846 as officers' quarters of the Murray Barracks, the building was relocated to Stanley during the 2000s.

On this photograph, you can see Panorama in Sepia overlooked Murray House and Blake’s Pier. You can indulge yourself watching this and other stunning Fine Art Photos printed 48 inches wide on upcoming Hong Kong Discovery Bay Sunday Market, January 10. Our booth No.104A (near ferry pier and bus terminus).

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By materials thewayofthepirates.com, Wikipedia.org

Leo Zank, Hong Kong professional photography, Hong Kong event, art, product and food photography.

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