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One night of the photographer

Ten kilometers walking burn 1,000 calories. Ten kilometers walking with a camera, additionally kill 1,000,000 of neurons.

Admiralty Night 1
Admiralty Night 2
Admiralty Night 3
Admiralty Night 4
Admiralty Night 5
Admiralty Night 6

This is just usual night shooting session, when I'm walking around Hong Kong, and searching for subject of my photographs.

There are lot of different factors which can have influence on the final result, but most important one is light.

I love to shoot Hong Kong at night. It is a magical mix of millions of different light sources, reflections, shapes and frames.

This cocktail cannot exist anywhere in the world. Here you can find things that are absolutely opposite to each other, but which sitting in just few meters apart.

I will prepare my vision of "Hong Kong Contrasts" soon, and post it here, in my blog.

You could ask: Why ten km with a camera kill 1M of neurons? The answer is simple: you are not just walking for fun anymore, you are searching the memories to immortalize. You are searching good spot, good light, good frame, position of view. You are thinking of photography every time you staring on something )) You are now photographer with a camera, not just walker...

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