Be careful, extremely sharp

If you ever try to shoot shiny knives or forks and spoons you should understand that this could be a really tough challenge.

In my studio based in Hong Kong I do commercial photography of products. Today I will tell you of my setup for this kind of product photography - knives.

How I Had Love With Vegetables For a Whole Night

I do professional food and product photography in Hong Kong and Macau. Sometimes the photographs look very good, attractive yet very simple, but you cannot achieve desirable result so easy.

I love vegetables. Really. But making good photography of food, or any products is a tough task. Here is the short story of my "Shiny Vitamins" set of photos.

Product Photography using Lightbrush Technique

Hello! My name is Leo Zank and I do professional product photography in Hong Kong and Macau. Today I want to tell you about one technique with nearly infinite potential - Light Brush photography.

Light brush technique is one of the ways to do commercial product photography, using only simple setup and one source of light. This technique exists for more than one hundred years and it is reborning nowadays empowered by digital photography.

Splash Photography - Behind the Scene

Hello! My name is Leo Zank and I do product photography in Hong Kong. In this article I am giving you a brief explanation: Apple Splash Photography - Behind the Scene.