Be careful, extremely sharp

If you ever try to shoot shiny knives or forks and spoons you should understand that this could be a really tough challenge.

In my studio based in Hong Kong I do commercial photography of products. Today I will tell you of my setup for this kind of product photography - knives.

How I Had Love With Vegetables For a Whole Night

I do professional food and product photography in Hong Kong and Macau. Sometimes the photographs look very good, attractive yet very simple, but you cannot achieve desirable result so easy.

I love vegetables. Really. But making good photography of food, or any products is a tough task. Here is the short story of my "Shiny Vitamins" set of photos.

Splash Photography - Behind the Scene

Hello! My name is Leo Zank and I do product photography in Hong Kong. In this article I am giving you a brief explanation: Apple Splash Photography - Behind the Scene.