Emerald Buddha

The Emerald Buddha is not from emerald as you may thought from its name. It is actually carved from green jade. This statue was found in 1434 in Chiengrai, Northern Thailand after the lightning strucked a worship place. Firstly the Buddha statue was covered with stucco, lately it was discovered that there is a jade under the layer of stucco.

How I Had Love With Vegetables For a Whole Night

I do professional food and product photography in Hong Kong and Macau. Sometimes the photographs look very good, attractive yet very simple, but you cannot achieve desirable result so easy.

I love vegetables. Really. But making good photography of food, or any products is a tough task. Here is the short story of my "Shiny Vitamins" set of photos.

One night of the photographer

Ten kilometers walking burn 1,000 calories. Ten kilometers walking with a camera, additionally kill 1,000,000 of neurons.

Product Photography using Lightbrush Technique

Hello! My name is Leo Zank and I do professional product photography in Hong Kong and Macau. Today I want to tell you about one technique with nearly infinite potential - Light Brush photography.

Light brush technique is one of the ways to do commercial product photography, using only simple setup and one source of light. This technique exists for more than one hundred years and it is reborning nowadays empowered by digital photography.

Shoot for Hong Kong

In November 2015 I participated in the photographic runs with the camera atilt. Contest was organized by Canon as "Canon Photomarathon - Shoot For Hong Kong" and had already set up for 7 consecutive years.

There were two categories: Challenge and Open, and 1,300 participants in each one. I participated in Open category.

Splash Photography - Behind the Scene

Hello! My name is Leo Zank and I do product photography in Hong Kong. In this article I am giving you a brief explanation: Apple Splash Photography - Behind the Scene.